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  • Giza is an aerial imagery, data governance and WMTS streaming platform.

  • With Giza, you can serve unlimited users, create usage heatmaps and track usage across your organization.

  • The most successful imagery programs are backed by Giza. Learn how your organization can benefit from Giza today.

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Matt Peters

The user management and usage tracking built into Giza provide extremely valuable utilization metrics that describe usage patterns over time, by organization, and by geography.

Matt Peters, Utah AGRC

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Gayla Mullins

The ability to use Giza for maintaining the Texas Imagery Service, retrieving the image tiles, managing users, and keeping tabs on usage is the ultimate in efficiency and convenience.

Gayla Mullins, Strategic Mapping Program Manager at TNRIS

How Texas uses Giza to Administer Their Statewide Imagery Program:
In-depth interview with Gayla Mullins

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David Breeding

The Giza Story

Giza was built in response to the rise of commercial licensed imagery products, served at scale from the cloud. Even more, Giza was designed to meet the need of imagery program managers to control access, monitor usage, and manage cost recovery for large scale data programs. Giza’s fast and easy to use streaming services make it possible to deploy imagery to any application or platform for government and commercial use.

David Breeding, AppGeo Principal

Giza pairs well with Hexagon Imagery

The HxGN Content Program provides immediate access to professional-grade and quality controlled aerial imagery.

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